Onda / Onda Fluorescente

Design Mario Belloni.

Onda is the result of a dual-purpose project, built around compact and halogen fluorescent sources, in search
of a minimal design, not influenced by the overall dimensions of the electronic components, which require energy
saving lamps with high luminous efficency.
Onda fluo / alo is a wall lamp, with a painted aluminium structure with asymmetric reflector for direct and
suffused lighting in white finish.


Material: Aluminium
Finish: Polished white – Code: ALD00340
Finish: Polished black – Code: ALD00341

Etichetta energetica / Energy label


Material: Aluminium
Finish: Polished white – Code: ALD00342
Finish: Polished black – Code: ALD00343

Etichetta energetica / Energy label






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