Nuvola Fluorescente / Nuvola I. M.

Design Mario Belloni.

Nuvola is a wall lamp project realized in 2001, that became over the years a collection characterized by different
types of shapes, uses and light sources.
The drawn that constitutes its structure is welded in silver alloy and changes its heigh according to the lamp model used.
The asymmetric disassemblable reflector, allows a 360° rotation on the horizontal axis of the light bulb for a free choice
of direct or indirect light.


Material: Still
Finish: Opaque white – Code: ALD00250

Etichetta energetica / Energy label



Material: Brass / still
Finish: Metal grey 70 w – Codice: ALD00122
Finish: Metal grey 150 w – Codice: ALD00148

Etichetta energetica / Energy label




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